Modern technology, traditional skills


Since 1985, we’ve been supplying top quality sails for dayboats, cruisers and racing yachts. Designed using state-of-the-art computer software, every sail bearing the Kemp logo is made to the same exacting standards by our experienced sailmakers, whose technical expertise is backed by practical, on-the-water experience.

At Kemp, we believe in blending modern technology with traditional skills and sailmaking theory with a sound knowledge of what really works in practice. That way you can be sure your new sails will not only fit well and enhance your boat’s performance, but also give you many years’ service.



Consistent and Dependable

Consistent and Dependable

As a cottage industry there will always be somebody offering a ‘low cost alternative’ which can sound attractive…. but normally these offers mean they don’t have the level of infrastructure or machinery that is required to do the job correctly, and sadly it often turns out to be  a more costly or dissatisfying experience in the long run

Kemp Sails’ prices are usually keen, but most importantly our service is consistent and dependable …. chances are, we may well exceed your expectations!

British since 1985

British since 1985

Kemp Sails are essentially a family firm and we are proud of the fact that we have been a British manufacturing business since 1985.

In 2012, Kemp Sails was chosen as an Industry Champion in Vince Cable’s Department for Business “Make it in Great Britain” campaign.

As a UK manufacturing company, we are also proud to be providing quality employment to over twenty staff, and to to be adding to the strength of the UK economy.                        

Very Strong Ethos of Quality

Very Strong Ethos of Quality

Kemp Sails have a very strong ethos of quality and fairness for our customers, we have gone to some quite extreme lengths on occasions to ensure that our customers get the quality of service and product that they expected and deserved.

Many of our staff have been Sailmaking or in the Marine Industry for many years, and they are always happy to talk and answer questions, whether it be about a Drascombe or a Discovery, a Sigma or a Swan.



My ordered sail arrived last Friday and was fitted on Saturday. The sail was a perfect fit and I was immensely pleased. Having just completed a four-day voyage in a variety condition the sail was excellent. I will recommend your teams help and service to everyone. Thanks very much.

Mike Tennuci Countess 28

I received my new genoa from you this Friday – well ahead of the expected delivery date.I used the sail this weekend and am delighted with the results. It fitted perfectly, set very well and probably added 1/2 knot to boat speed and allowed us to point 5 or so degrees higher.

Bill Whitehead Sadler 26

“Beauties, first sail today currently reaching in 12 – 17 knots true from Calshot to Lucas and storming! Very pleased with the new sails (VBM In-Mast Main & Genoa), awesome!”

Simon Pettit Bavaria 37