Kemp Sails powering Jonny Moore's attempt to become "Youngest Sailor Around Britain"


We are very proud to have Jonny Moore using Kemp Sails

for his sailing challenge around the UK.



Jonny approached Kemp Sails at the last London Boat Show, and as interested followers of Kemp Sails will already know, we continually try to challenge our products by working with sailors who are undertaking notable sailing events, so we were very pleased to support him. 

For Kemp Sails getting valuable input and feedback from such dedicated sailors as Jonny, obviously helps test and develop our products – but it’s also fun to be involved in something a little special !

Jonny immediately struck us as a capable, organised and very mature 15 year old and he has his sights set high.  If you read Jonny’s newletters written in preparation for this trip, you will get a good taste of what 'Jonny’s world' is all about and like us, I’m sure you will agree he is a special character who is worth following.

Newsletter 1
Newsletter 2
Newsletter 3
Newsletter 4
Newsletter 5
Newsletter 6

For me personally, I think the world owes a huge amount to adventurers, those who try to challenge themselves and push the boundaries.  Each time I meet one of these driven people I am inspired.  I hope you will be to, so please follow Jonny’s progress and enjoy his 'Latest News' and position, both of which are being updated daily.

He’s certainly a young star for the future!