Kemp Sail's "Easy-fit" Storm Sleeves

Image“Easy-fit” Storm Sleeves are the ideal solution for the yachtowner who needs the security and peace of mind of a strong Storm Headsail, yet doesn’t want to add an Inner Stay or other additional deck fittings onto the boat.

The “Easy-fit” Kemp Storm Sleeve simply wraps around the furled Headsail and is hoisted with the storm sail on the spare halyard. It can also be made to fit an existing Storm Sail (please ask for details).

Alpha Global Expedition

ImageIn October 2005, Adrian Flanagan set out to become the first yachtsman to circumnavigate the globe via the Polar Regions, alone and without stopping.

The great record-breaking, single-handed voyages of the past; Sir Francis Chichester in 1967, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston in 1969 and Sir Chay Blyth in 1971 all followed east-about or west-about routes.

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