Furling Downwind Sails

CHECK OUT the RolleX TD Gennaker Furling System


This is a furling system for rolling up Cruising Chutes, Gennakers and Assymetric Spinnakers - using a Hi-Modulus Torque rope, with a swivel at the Sail's Tack and a 'continuous line' furling system.  It can be purchased as a complete system including a sail, or retro-fitted to an existing sail. 

Easier to use and handle than a Snuffer, it also makes the sail far smaller to store when not in use.


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 Let's get Rolling!

Originally, Kemp Sails developed our own swivel system for 'Top Down' furling of free-luffed Gennakers and Cruising Chutes, that we called called RolleX TD. 

Until the recent era of Top Down Furling arrived, to roll away a sail meant that the sail needed to be very flat in shape and also must be straight Luffed (Like a Genoa). ( These sails are often called Code Zero's - but Kemp Sails call them Ultra Light Genoa or (ULG's), as a Code Zero is actually a Racing Sail - see Below)

Top Down Furling is achieved by turning the central (Torsion) rope around with a Continuous Line Furler at the Bottom end, and fixing (by means of a lashing) the sail to the Torsion Rope at the Head.  

By allowing the Tack of the sail to swivel freely around the central rope, a very ‘3D’ and deep shaped downwind sail can be furled surprisingly neatly around the Torsion Rope.. 

It was the bottom (Tack) swivel that Kemp Sails developed for the RolleX system, however, several manufacturers have now made furlers available with an integrated Tack swivel, which has some benefits as a single unit.

With Top Down furling, normally no modifications are needed to the sail and so if you have a sail that fits already then you should be able to use it. 

Equipment wise, for Top Down Furling, you will need enough room to mount this furler ahead of the existing Forestay (and/or mount on a bowsprit).  The Chute itself would also need a pair of sheets – using a Tack line isn’t required under the furler, as it must be anchored very securely. To slacken and deepen the Luff when sailing, the Halyard can be eased, much more easily than at the Tack.

Kemp Sails include a full length continuous line in our RolleX Downwind furling syetems, so the furling can be done from the cockpit. Also it’s a good idea to put the lazy side of the continuous sheet around a winch to maintain back pressure and grip on the rope around the furler.

Sails furled this way are not suitable for leaving up long term or using part furled - they are purely furled up for convenience and ease of use.


 Kemp Sails - Ultra Light Genoas (U.L.G.'s)

Using a Continous Line Furler (as described above) a Genoa shaped sail can also be furled away easily.  These are often refered to as Code Zero's - but a Code Zero is actually a racing sail, so for Cruising we call such sails ULG's.#

The advent of modern larger Mainsail rigs has meant smaller (more easily handled) headsails.  In fact many normally larger headsailed boats have scaled down there Genoas too.  There comes a time though when a long Fetch in light wind is a tighter angle thanis comfortable with a Cruising Chute or Assymetric and What you really need is a Big Genoa again!  Hence the ULG. 

Made in a lightweight Dacron (not Nylon which stretches) the sail can be used in light winds on closer angles and also as a secondary 'poled out' Headsail - for Twin Headsail downwind sailing.