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Since 1985, we’ve been supplying top quality sails for dayboats, cruisers and racing yachts. Designed using state-of-the-art computer software, every sail bearing the Kemp logo is made to the same exacting standards by our experienced sailmakers, whose technical expertise is backed by practical, on-the-water experience. At Kemp, we believe in blending modern technology with traditional skills and sailmaking theory with a sound knowledge of what really works in practice. That way you can be sure your new sails will not only fit well and enhance your boat’s performance, but also give you many years’ service.

Your side of the bargain is to talk to us about your sailing. Buying sails is a two-way process, we’re here to listen and advise, but we can only do so if you explain your needs and expectations. Having gathered the information we need, we’ll give you everything possible to help you choose the right sail specification. We appreciate that, with sails, you’re effectively ‘buying blind’ - you don’t have the chance to examine another sail like yours before placing an order. With your quote, we include a full list of technical features and even a cloth sample; we don’t expect you to make a decision based simply on a price and a few measurements.

What’s more, we don’t only make sails – we can supply everything from a dodger or sprayhood to a new rig from some of the best-known names in the business. So, if you’re looking for a complete package - sails, spars, canvas work, standing and running rigging, reefing systems, the works - talk to us. You might be surprised how much time, trouble and money you can save by having one knowledgeable and experienced supplier put everything together for you.

Matching your purse and your purpose...

In terms of prices, you’ll find our sails are neither the cheapest nor the most expensive but, when it comes to value for money, we honestly believe we’re hard to beat. When you’ve read through our literature, discussed your needs with a member of staff and compared our quote on a like-for-like basis with other sailmakers, we hope you’ll agree.

Helping you make the right choice

We understand that the choice of panel layouts and cloth types can seem bewildering when you’re buying new sails - particularly at a time of rapidly advancing technology and an ever-increasing number of brand names for fibres and fabrics. We don’t want to blind you with science - and neither do we expect you to become expert in the intricacies of sailmaking - but the more you understand about why we’ve suggested a particular cut or cloth, the better. That way, you’ll be able to make a more informed choice - and, equally importantly, you’ll also derive more pleasure and satisfaction from your sailing. Of course, giving you the information you need to make the right decision is part of our job. Nonetheless, a little extra knowledge on your part can make all the difference when it comes to sail use and maintenance.

For example, although we’ll make sure the measurements are correct so the sail fits, even the best made sail won’t set itself!
Sometimes reefing points may need to be moved along the boom or Genoa sheeting positions adjusted on the track. Once again, we’ll help with practical trimming and tuning advice - but, to get the best performance from any new sail, you’ll need to spend a little time trying different settings to see what works best.

Cutting our cloth to suit your pocket

Whether we suggest a cross-cut or radial sail, made from Dacron or laminated cloth, depends on any number of factors - like boat size, whether you race or cruise (or both), the rig’s aspect ratio and how much money you’re planning to spend. We’ve divided our sails into a number of different ranges:

  • Coastal / Supercruise

  • Performance Cruising

  • Performance Cruising Premium

  • Performance Cruisemaster

  • Performance Racing

Between them, they cover the needs of everyone from round-the-cans and offshore racers to long-distance, blue-water cruising sailors. Whichever range you choose from, the sail’s shape will be the same - the differences are in the material, method of construction, hardware (like battens and rings) and finishing details. Another factor that remains constant is our commitment to after-sales service: we invite all our UK customers to return their sails to our loft for a free first year inspection. This gives us the chance to ensure the sail is wearing as it should - and, if it isn’t, to do something about it. Naturally, any other damage or normal wear-and-tear can be treated at the same time, combined with a wash and valet if you choose.

Whether you cruise, race or just enjoy being out on the water, our aim is to supply you with the best sails for your boat, your budget and your style of sailing.


David Watkins - MOODY 47
2014-09-11, 17:18
"You may remember that I ordered a new main sail from you this time last year Just to let you know that after a summer of sailing in the Med I am … read more

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